Subject and Verb Agreement Worksheet for Grade 4

Subject-verb agreement is a fundamental grammatical concept that refers to the need for subjects and verbs to agree in number and person within a sentence. It is an essential aspect of language proficiency, and it helps to ensure clarity and accuracy in communication. For 4th-grade students, learning this skill can be a bit challenging, but with the proper teaching tools, it can be fun and engaging.

To help students in grade 4 to learn subject-verb agreement, teachers can use worksheets. These worksheets will provide students with a practical understanding of the rules of subject-verb agreement, examples, and exercises that will help them to master this concept. Here`s an example of a subject-verb agreement worksheet for grade 4:

Subject-Verb Agreement Worksheet

Instructions: Read the following sentences and identify the correct verb that matches the subject.

1. The girl (run, runs) fast.

2. The dogs (bark, barks) at night.

3. My brother (likes, like) to play basketball.

4. The team (play, plays) well together.

5. The birds (fly, flies) high in the sky.

6. The students in my class (study, studies) hard.

7. My mom (clean, cleans) the house every day.

8. The cake (smell, smells) delicious.

9. The flowers (bloom, blooms) in the spring.

10. The cat (chase, chases) the mouse.

Answer key:

1. runs

2. bark


4. plays

5. fly

6. study

7. cleans

8. smells

9. bloom

10. chases

As you can see from the example above, the worksheet provides ten sentences for the students to practice identifying the correct verb that agrees with the subject. The exercise can be done individually or in groups, and the teacher can review the answers with the students to ensure that they understand the concept.

In conclusion, using a subject-verb agreement worksheet such as the one above is an effective strategy for teaching 4th-grade students this essential grammar concept. By providing the students with practical examples and exercises, teachers can help their students to master the rules of subject-verb agreement, which will improve their writing and communication skills. With practice and repetition, students will become more confident and proficient in their writing and communication, leading to greater success in their academic and professional lives.